Our Engagement Process

Digital Risk Assessment and Appetite Development

Our engagement starts at the top. We engage your business leaders and top risk executives to establish your Digital Risk Appetite—how much and what kinds of impacts are you willing to risk.


Data Discovery

There is a good chance that you have all the data you need available. Most companies have more than they think. It merely needs to be contextualized into a usable form.

We identify the data necessary to assess future incidents for likelihood and establish risk-based thresholds.


Product Configuration and Deployment

We install our Instinct Engine platform using data from the engagement.

Machine learning trains using your data, providing value and guidance from the start and continually learning from the data collected.

Our Digital Risk Platform


Our solution uses your existing enterprise technologies to automate real-time monitoring for digital risk across your digital ecosystem.

We collect network telemetry from existing data feeds (preferably through a data aggregation point like a logger or SIEM) to enable an enterprise view of Digital Risk Impact—constantly measuring your network for exposures and identifying the business units creating the risk.

Our family of data connectors span your enterprise, including your firewalls, gateways, directory servers, ticketing systems, etc.  Each data source provides an additional dimension to your enterprise’s risk exposure.

What Happens Next?

Risk analysts use the Instinct Engine™ to answer the question “should this make us nervous?” Our emergence and swarming AI helps them ask questions about the data, imagines future incidents, and projects business impact.

Asking Questions

Our proprietary algorithm contextualizes your data to answer the types of risk questions a human analyst might ask:

How nervous should I be about successful phishing attacks in my organization?”

“How good is our disaster recovery program?”

“Which business line is operating out of tolerance for cyber hygiene?”

Imagining Future Incidents

The thing you did not consider often that causes the most damage. You simply can’t keep an eye on all possibilities.

With machine learning and at machine speed, we turn the handful of key scenarios into hundreds of thousands more. These “what if” scenarios are then compared to the network metrics to determine which could happen next given the conditions indicated by your data.

Projecting Impact

The Instinct Engine™ executes tens of thousands of simulations to identify which top-line business risks could impacted and uses historical loss data and other sources to project how bad a loss might be.

Impact is isolated by the area of the business with risk potential that exceeds your digital risk appetite, so you can assign responsibility for action to those creating risk.